Customised designs

Based on our values innovate, engage and advance we develop customised designs, optimized for your specific operation.

We are known for our ability to respond to and individually implement customer-specific requirements and wishes – with focus on developing solutions that are safe and in accordance to class regulations.

Key benefits


You can choose a tailored design made to your individual preferences regarding form as well as function. You can start from scratch or from one of our existing designs.

Architect made

You can be part of the design team. Our naval architects offers expertise and imagination and together we find solutions that can turn your visions into reality.

Your requirements

Modify your design to fit your special requirements. We support you on getting the best design & solutions for your operational challenges.

Bespoke customer design can go from a simple layout right up to the development of the entire design and solutions, including evaluation and testing.

We offer CFD simulations and tank tests to secure the best customer-specific designs and solutions. Examples are Trim/Draught Optimisation run in CFD, that give the customer full scale calculations faster and cheaper than with regular model tests.

The Discovery Series
The Discovery Series

The Discovery Series

Originating from an offshore design platform, Ulstein Group presents their Discovery Series concept, which includes different vessels in the Exploration and Coastal patrolling categories.

The Discovery Series

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