We develop fit-for-purpose ship designs and solutions for the seafood industry, ranging from coastal vessels to state-of-the-art ocean-going trawlers. Our designs combine decades of experience in the design of advanced ships with in-house shipbuilding expertise.

Trawler portfolio
Trawler portfolio

Trawler portfolio

Our trawler designs come in various sizes from coastal trawlers/seiners of approx. 1,000GT to large long-distance factory freezing trawlers.

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What we offer

  • Analysis of existing operations
  • Vessel business case development
  • Customized and standard ship design
  • Shipbuilding selection & tendering
  • System & Equipment integration
  • Project management and yard support
  • Operational support
  • Service & Maintenance
FX301 Trawler
Innovation Award
Innovation Award

Innovation Award

ECOFIVE was announced as the winner at the opening ceremony of Nor-Fishing 2022. The factory trawler will provide a far lower environmental footprint, higher fishing quality and a safer working environment.

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How we work

In the design process, careful consideration is given to analyse the owners’ business case and historical operating pattern of vessels to be replaced so that the new design presents a targeted improvement for the owners.

The fishing vessel designs can be built at shipyards world-wide, thus giving the owners full flexibility on where to construct their next vessel.

Both customised and standardised solutions are available, to meet the various so reach out to us to discuss your future plans and how we can find the best solutions for you.

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