At Ulstein we take pride in our people. The diversity of skills, personalities, experience and background creates a global team that combines innovation, quality and expertise. It is our people who stand for the innovation processes, starting with a wild idea and ending up with a new solution or product.

To be one step ahead

Driven by a vision of creating tomorrow's solutions for sustainable marine operations, we develop groundbreaking designs, systems and solutions, and build vessels for the most demanding conditions. We aim to be one step ahead in solving key challenges for the maritime industry.

Innovate, engage and advance

All people in Ulstein shall be able to, willing to and allowed to carry through our values: Innovate, Engage and Advance.

With creative enthusiasm, we combine skills, knowledge and creativity to come up with new concepts, solutions and products that can carry the maritime industry into the future.

Turning visions into reality

We will continue developing the industry of which we are a part. Together with our customers, we are turning visions into reality, and you can be a part of that.

Join our team

Do you want to help us shape the maritime industry?

We regularly need to strengthen our organisation and all vacancies will be posted here.