Our trawler designs come in various sizes from coastal trawlers/seiners of approx. 1,000GT to large long-distance factory freezing trawlers.

Our fishing vessel designs are developed to support fishing operations in the best possible way, anywhere in the world. Based on decades of experience in ship design and close cooperation with the customer we deliver robust, reliable, and safe solutions, either fully customised or based on a standardised design.

As a pioneer in ship design and system architecture we can deliver innovative new solutions to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs, fuel consumption and emissions to air and sea. We are not afraid to propose new solutions such as our X-BOW hull lines and a twin-screw hybrid propulsion with combines the best attributes of both diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical systems.

We provide the right quality, delivery time and price level for our clients. Our designs can be built at our own shipyard in Norway, or be constructed at partner shipyards world-wide.

Contact us to discuss what we can offer you to ensure that your vessel investment will support your fishing operations in the best possible way.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Dead weight Gross Tonnage Fish hold Accommodation Freezing capacity
F102 85.9 m 18 m 3,000 t 815 m³ 2,350 m³ 30 POB 120-140 /24h
FX105 45 m 13 m 430 t 1,200 GT 500 m³ 16 POB 50 t/24h
FX106 73 m 14.5 m 2,200 t 2,500 GT 2,000 m³ 40-72 POB 120 t/24h
FX101 74 m 16.8 m 2,200 t 4,000 GT 2,000 m³ 30 POB 100 t/24h

Reference vessels

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