Seismic research

Ulstein seismic research vessels enables high operability during harsh conditions.

The seismic research vessel range includes geological and hydrographic survey vessels as well as other vessels performing general research worldwide.

The seismic research vessels are used in the oil and gas industry for exploration, development and reservoir management operations. Our designs give high functionality, large workdeck, office and accommodation capacity, low noise, low fuel consumption and good sea-keeping abilities to ensure high operability under harsh weather conditions.

All seismic resarch designs from Ulstein are equipped for optimising the vessels’ positioning and speed, data recording ability and data processing capacity during operation.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Dead weight Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Streamers
SX128 75 m 16 m 3,100 t 6.3 m 14.5 kn 50 POB 2
SX133 84 m 17 m 1,700 t 6 m 18.5 kn 45 POB 4
SX124 89 m 19 m 3,750 t 6.6 m 15 kn 69 POB 10
SX134 92 m 21 m 4,400 t 7.5 m 15 kn 69 POB 12
SX120 106 m 24 m 5,700 t 8 m 17 kn 70 POB 16