Wind farm support - SOV/CSOV

Service operation vessels, Construction Support Vessels, Commissioning Service Operation Vessels and Installation Support Vessels are reliable Walk-To-Work (W2W) platforms for wind farm support operations. Our designs include the X-BOW®/X-STERN® or TWIN X-STERN® solutions.

Our wind farm support vessel portfolio consists of innovative working platforms with excellent station-keeping capabilities and low fuel consumption. This group of designs include vessels such as:

  • Service Operation Vessels/ Windfarm Support (SOV/ CSOV)
  • Installation Support Vessels (ISV)
  • Construction Support Vessels (CSV)

Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations. Our wind farm support designs are developed for effective access to wind installations offshore, and to ensure safe operations as well as serving comfortable accommodation for the onboard personnel. Together with experienced partners, we are actively putting mutual knowledge together, to bring forward new installation concepts for the offshore wind industry based on simplistic and proven technologies. Our state-of-the-art solutions are prepared with the installation of hybrid power solutions for future carbon-neutral and zero emission operations.

The first generation of these vessels introduced the X-STERN® for reduced slamming in astern operations in-field. The second generation (SX210 upwards) introduced the TWIN X-STERN™ - a ship with two sterns and main propeller units in each end.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Dead weight Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Deck area
SX216 89.9 m 19.2 m 2,200 t 5.9 m 12.8 kn 135 POB 500 sqm
SX222 89.6 m 19.2 m 2,300 t 5.9 m 12.8 kn 126 POB 500 sqm
SX218 89.6 m 19.2 m 2,300 t 5.7 m 13 kn 75-125 POB 350 sqm
SX212 89.6 m 18.5 m 2,300 t 5.7 m 13 kn 75-125 POB 350 sqm
SX210 82.6 m 18.5 m 2,000 t 5.7 m 13 kn 60 POB 350 sqm
SX201 80 m 19 m 3200 t 6 m 12.5 kn 60 POB 250 sqm
SX197 72.8 m 17.5 m 1,700 t 5.5 m 12.7 kn 50-60 POB 200 sqm
SX195 93 m 18 m 3,200 t 6.0 m 13 kn 80-120 POB 500 sqm
SX175 88 m 18 m 3,400 t 6.4 m 14 kn 60-90 POB 350 sqm

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