The vessel investment challenge

​Anyone making a vessel investment is faced with a number of critical decisions, decisions usually based on individual experience, knowledge and gut feeling. All too often, it lacks rigour and formality resulting in an immature vessel design solution and investment plan. The ULSTEIN ABD guides you through the process.

A strategic consultancy service
If you are in the process of making a multi-million Euro fleet renewal or vessel investment, you must be certain that your decisions are the right ones. If unrefined ideas are presented to a naval architect to sketch a solution (General Arrangement), this can lead to a great deal of technical design work without the benefit of a clear understanding of the commercial and operational requirements and their consequences. The end result can be high costs, poor quality and time consuming projects.

The Ulstein ABD Approach is a holistic methodology, proven in more than 200 business cases, that unite experts and executives to guide business development and decision making processes. This approach accelerates the normal fleet development and renewal decision-making process by speeding up the analysis and decision making and reducing the time from business idea analysis generation to new-building investment realisation.

ULSTEIN ABD methodology
ULSTEIN ABD methodology

The Benefits
The ABD Interactive Workshops improve the quality of the business development process. Complex information is effectively analysed and customer executives make their decisions in real time domain, interacting as the ABD process progress, assisted by the Ulstein ABD facilitator. The resulting report is a superior way of presenting relevant information to a Board of Directors, financial institutions or investors and vessel designer / yard as a prerequisite to make better vessels.

Multidisciplinary Input in Real Time
To surpass all of the usual business development pittfals, Ulstein ABD unites executives and experts in multidisciplinary workshops, ensuring that professional input can be received in real time. These collaborative workshops have proven themselves invaluable in terms of speeding up the decision-making process which further accelerates the business development.

The ULSTEIN ABD workshop sessions.
The ULSTEIN ABD workshop sessions.

Step-by-step Approach
The ABD approach is typically separated into three sessions. The facilitator guides the participants, following a pre-set structure that is flexible enough for individual adaptations.

Knowledge Based on Sound Research

With our background in ship design, shipbuilding and electrical & control systems, Ulstein is uniquely positioned to guide customers through the fleet renewal and vessel investment decision-making process. In collaboration with academic institutions, class societies and major industry suppliers, we systematically work to secure the competitive advantage of the vessel designs being developed. This business methodology has been implemented in the ULSTEIN ABD as a baseline for your strategic fleet investment decisions.

Key benefits

  • Multidisciplinary Decision Making - We unite executives and experts, ensuring multidisciplinary input of all relevant aspects.
  • Efficient Information Processing - Extensive information analysed and presented to assure a reliable foundation for decision-making.
  • Business Ideas Faster to Market - Reducing time from business idea to commercial realisation
  • Benchmarking and Performance Ranking of Vessel Design Solutions - Find the right vessel design solution by detailed performance comparison.
  • Structured Business Plan and Concept Solution - Proper documentation for presenting information to stakeholders and design makers.
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Feasibility studies
Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies

Ulstein carries out multiple studies, one of which is feasibility studies. A feasibility study provides the insight for selecting the best solution towards CAPEX, OPEX and environmental impact. Here's an example of how we can carry out an energy storage feasibility study.

Feasibility studies

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