Catalogue designs

You can choose from a portfolio of proven designs, developed to be well suitable for operational requirements around the world in a price competitive way.

All our Catalogue Vessels has been initiated by the Ulstein Accelerated Business Development process. This is an analytical process where market information, performance expectations and customer requirements has been transformed into a portfolio of Ulsteins’ best vessels – in order to perform offshore operations competitively in different areas of the world. Thus, we can offer selected designs with differentiation in specification levels and prices.

Reduce risk with proven solutions

Key benefits


Based on operational feedback, our proven solution designs are in various sizes with optimum capacities. Cargo deck, load capacities and tank arrangements are carefully developed to secure the highest possible revenues for the ship owner.


Our proven solutions packages integrates proven technology and main equipment. The equipment packages are developed for maximum performance, operational flexibility and low fuel consumption.


To secure the highest return of your investment, our proven solutions consists of several specification levels to suit different operational conditions. In addition, you get your project in shorter time from order to completion.

Our Catalogue Vessels have been developed to have good solutions with a competitive price for different requirements around the world. The Breeze specification is designed for benign waters with a strong cost focus. The Gale specification is suitable for operations in most conditions world-wide. The Storm specifications is developed for excellent performance in harsh conditions. The Polar specification has the required solutions to operate in arctic conditions.

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