How to get financing to buy green technology from Norway


Are you looking for financing to buy green technology? Ulstein can assist you with backing from the Norwegian state through Exfin. Norway has two major competitive advantages; world-leading maritime technology and expertise, and a combination of reliability and quality.

Norwegian companies offer world-leading technology and expertise, particularly in shipping, offshore oil and gas, and other ocean industries. You can also count on their reliability and quality – Norwegian companies can demonstrate that their goods and services satisfy the most stringent quality requirements.

There is a third competitive advantage that also makes Norway attractive to international companies. When an international buyer signs a contract with a Norwegian supplier, they gain access to secure, dependable financing backed by the Norwegian government.

Color Hybrid – the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship – was built by Ulstein Verft in Norway with export financing from Export Credit Norway and GIEK. Photo: Uavpic.
Color Hybrid – the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship – was built by Ulstein Verft in Norway with export financing from Export Credit Norway and GIEK. Photo: Uavpic.

Enabling green investments

The export financing solutions are provided by Exfin, which supplements commercial financial institutions. Exfin provides loans to companies who buy from Norway, while GIEK issues guarantees. Although GIEK often issues guarantees for loans from Exfin, it can also issue them for loans from other banks and financial institutions. And the other way around, Export Credit Norway can also grant loans with guarantees from other banks and financial institutions.

Together, the two institutions ensure that ambitious projects featuring Norwegian technology and expertise receive the financing they need. Exfin provides financing for export contracts of all sizes and can finance or guarantee up to 85 per cent of the total contract value. There are also tailor-made solutions for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). Exfin has provided loans and guarantees to a myriad of sustainable projects that would have been otherwise difficult to realise.

What types of projects receive financing?

Most major export contracts involving Norwegian companies are related to the ocean industries. It should come as no surprise that companies and organisations looking for durable, flexible and sustainable ocean solutions turn to Norway. The country has been a leading offshore nation for over 50 years; it is home to the entire maritime value chain; and it has a highly educated, tech-savvy population.

Both Export Credit Norway and GIEK have extensive experience in ship and maritime export financing and special expertise in maritime financing related to offshore petroleum and renewable energy.

Exports are not limited to ocean solutions – Norway also has a burgeoning health tech industry and solar energy industry. Nor are exports limited to tangible objects like heat pumps for waste heat recovery or systems for reusing batteries from electric cars. Norwegian knowledge and know-how are also sought-after. Companies turn to Norway to procure assistance in technology development and implementation, cutting-edge expertise or project management services.

Zero emissions with hydrogen

Hydrogen is considered as the ultimate zero-emission solution. Ulstein's vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations, and our first hydrogen powered ship design is now market-ready, offering zero-emission marine operations. The solution can be taken in use today.

Get empowered by taking conscious carbon steps

The shipping industry is transitioning towards reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency. Whether integrated in a novel design, or retrofitted, a solution supporting the transition should be the best compromise between operational needs, forming a good balance between cost and benefit. Available energy sources and technologies represent challenges and opportunities for the ship owning companies. Ulstein operates in several aspects in reducing the carbon footprint of vessels. These include: Conducting studies, energy utilisation, energy recovery, battery energy storage systems (BESS) and feasibility studies

The Service Operation Vessel 'WINDEA JULES VERNE' has a hybrid system developed by Ulstein.
The Service Operation Vessel 'WINDEA JULES VERNE' has a hybrid system developed by Ulstein.


Ulstein's technology allows cruise ships to run emission-free for 12 hours. The ULSTEIN ZED power system allows cruise operators to visit vulnerable and protected areas without greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution.

How to get financing?

Let us say an international shipping company wants to install a sustainable solution on one of its vessels, such as a hybrid propulsion system or a ballast water treatment system.

The company does some research and a promising Norwegian supplier pops up which can deliver a green, high-quality solution that meets the exact specifications. The potential buyer decides to look into a contract with the Norwegian supplier and draws up a financing plan with its bank. The buyer, the buyer’s bank or the Norwegian supplier can submit a loan application to Export Credit Norway and contact GIEK as a potential guarantor for the loan. Buyers may also take direct contact with Exfin for advice on the most suitable export financing solutions.

The process from loan application to disbursement at Export Credit Norway takes only six steps. As part of the process, GIEK assesses the buyer’s creditworthiness as well as the risk of political unrest in the buyer’s country. Both institutions also review the company’s profile when it comes to sustainability, employment conditions and corruption.

Regardless of what you are looking for, if you have an ambitious and sustainable project, the Norwegian government has the financial mechanisms in place to help you to realise it.

Based on article from The Explorer - Norway’s official marketplace for green technology.

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