Normand Progress set World Record


On 15 October 1999, a world record was set at Ulstein Verft. The greatest ever bollard pull was achieved by the Normand Progress, pulling an average of 304 tonnes through ten minutes. The record was documented for the Guinness World Records.

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The bollard pull is very important when competing about ship operation contracts, and the ship owner Solstad considered the record documented for 'Normand Progress' as a future investment. Previously in 1999, the sister vessel 'Normand Pioneer' had also set a bollard pull record of 286 tonnes, but the right people were not at the sea trial to verify the record. 'Right people' is here understood as Det Norske Veritas and a representative from the police.

'Normand Pioneer' and 'Normand Progress' are a part of the Solstad fleet. Solstad, who recently (2017) acquired Rem Offshore, later joined forces with the ship owners Deep Sea Supply and Farstad Shipping. The new company Solstad Offshore will own a fleet of more than 150 vessels and be the fourth largest in the world.

Currently, the Far Samson is listed in the Guinness World Records as the vessel with the greatest bollard pull.