Eight minutes of the Island Constructor


This project film on Island Constructor represents a time, not long ago, when an eight-minute film was short and reasonable, but it certainly shows a brilliant project from A-Z! Cuddle up with a cup of something and enjoy!

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The vessel was delivered on 23 May 2008 to Island Offshore, and named the following day. The vessel's first task was to plug abandon wells in the North Sea, before entering a 3-year contract with BP, for a specific number of days per year. Island Constructor won the Offshore Support Journal’s 2008 ‘Ship of the Year’ award.

Ulstein Group developed a modern interior profile with both innovative functional and design solutions for this vessel. The ship also had the IP-based ULSTEIN COM® system installed, which includes a TV-based portal for a number of services such as television, radio, information from other vessels and from the office ashore, safety information and visuals from surveillance cameras.

The X-BOW vessel was three times larger than any X-BOW vessel built previously, and the large wheelhouse, measuring 380 square metres, was built at Ulstein Verft’s division at Vanylven.

In addition to tasks such as riserless well intervention (RLWI), subsea construction, equipment installation and inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR), the ship is equipped with a heave-compensated tower for module handling and is able to conduct ROV operations. The vessel was later reclassed as a rig, to be able to work on the Norwegian sector as well as the British sector. The vessel has been working for a multitude of companies performing various tasks since her delivery.
Details of the vessel.