Dry dock and dock hall

The dock hall at Ulstein Verft measures 140 m (l) by 55 m (b). The inner dock has a length of 110 m, and the dock hall gate can be opened to include the outside dry dock. Total dock length is 225 m. Two main travelling cranes inside the dock hall can perform 500-tonne tandem lifts.

The breadth of the dock hall gate measures 34 metres, and the height from the dock ground to the crane hooks is 40 metres. In addition to the main travelling cranes, the dock hall also features two auxiliary travelling cranes, each with a capacity of 10 tonnes.

The SOV vessel Windea La Cour under construction in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft.
The SOV vessel Windea La Cour under construction in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft.



Dry dock can be divided in a covered, inner dock (dock hall) and an outdoor dock.
Total dock length: 225 m
Dock length outer dock: 107 m, dock length inner dock: 110 m
Dock breadth: 36 m, gate breadth dock hall: 34 m
Height dock blocks: 1.5 m
Azimuth thruster mounting well: 7.6 m (l), 5.6 m (b), 2.45 m (d)
Azimuth thruster transportation well: 4.6 m (l), 15 m (b), 2.45 m (d)
4-point winch and fairlead arrangement for docking and undocking, each winch 10t, tension-controled
Dockside crane I / II: 60 t / 85 t
The outside dock features a retractable thruster maintenance pit


Total 140 m (l), 55 m (b)
Docking Panama max
Main travelling cranes 2 x 250 tonnes - Tandem lift - 500 tonnes
Two auxiliary travelling cranes, each 10 tonnes
Crane hook height 40 m from dock floor


Length 240 m (largest of two quays)
Crane I capacity 85 tonnes
Crane II capacity 75 tonnes

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