Timas 1201

Original name: Global 1201. A multipurpose DP2 heavy lift and pipelay vessel suitable for deep and shallow water projects with a state-of-the-art pipelay system, DP capability and conventional mooring systems. Pipelay system capable to operate up to 3,000 m water depth and handling up to 1.5 m concrete coated pipe.

Vessel type

Heavy lift

Built by

Keppel Singmarine, Singapore



Owned by

Timas 1201

Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions BV

Ordered by

Global Industries (later: Technip)

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

162.3 m
37.8 m
Draught (max):
6.3 m
Speed (max):
15 kn
264 POB
Deck area:
2,800 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Lifting capacity:
1,200 t
Pipe laying capacity:
- 3,000 m
The original Global 1201 vessel.
The original Global 1201 vessel.

Ship history

2008: US offshore major Global Industries (later: Technip) decided to build another combination Derrick/pipelay Vessel designed by Ulstein. The vessel named ‘Global 1201’ would be an evolution of the ‘Global 1200’, constructed at Keppel Singmarine.

The dynamically-positioned ‘Global 1201’ is a combination derrick/pipelay vessel with 1,200 tonne lifting capacity, pipe laying capacity up to 3,000 metres water depth and 60–inch concrete coated pipe. The main crane will also feature deep water lowering capabilities. With a transit speed of up to 15 knots the vessel will be able to mobilise swiftly around the world.

Like its sister ship Global 1200, the Global 1201 is a customised version of the SOC 600 design. The design incorporates an NOV AmClyde post crane on the aft and a centre firing line on the freeboard deck below the main deck, the latter being a distinctive feature of most Ulstein Design & Solutions BV's pipelay vessel designs.

Features and capabilities: Pipelay systems, Abandon and recovery system, Stinger, Helideck, Dynamic positioning.

2020: New owner is PT Timas Samudera Indonesia, and ship name changed to Timas 1201. Indonesian flag.

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