Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V.

Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Develops innovative ships for the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industries, with a speciality in wind farm installation vessels, heavy lift crane vessels, pipelay vessels/barges, rock installation vessels, shallow draught construction support vessels, and drill ships.


+31 10 475 00 11

Cornerstone Building (6th floor)
Rotterdam Airportplein 32
3045 AP Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. specialises in the design and development of game-changing ships for the offshore energy market. Sometimes brilliantly simple, sometimes necessarily complex. We push for sustainable solutions.

Besides newbuild designs the company also provides engineering consultancy and salvage support and is actively involved in vessel upgrade and conversion projects. Key expertise in concept development, SPS compliance, (damage) stability, vessel motions and structural integration. Additional services include wind tunnel testing, inclining test, docking calculations and fuel optimisation studies.

The company is part of the Design & Solutions business area, which holds a major focus on designs and solutions for the offshore energy market (wind, oil and gas), expedition cruise and fisheries.