Sapura 1200

Original name SapuraKencana 1200. An operational profile primarily focused on pipelay, featuring a centre double joint firing line to optimize pipelaying operations unhampered by vertical roll motions.

Built by

Nantong COSCO Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, China



Owned by

Sapura Energy

Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions B. V.

Ordered by


IMO Number


Principal dimensions

153.6 m
35 m
Draught (max):
7.3 m
Speed (max):
13.2 kn
300 POB

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Crane, fixed over stern at 40 m:
1,200 t
Crane, at 30 m outreach:
1,000 t
Pipelay system:
Single joint below main deck
Positioning system:
Positioning system, shallow waters:
10-point mooring system


  • +A1 Offshore Support Vessel (pipelay, heavy-lift, SPS)
  • +AMS
  • DP3
  • BWE
  • CPS
  • GP
  • HAB+
The stinger handling system on the SapuraKencana 1200.
The stinger handling system on the SapuraKencana 1200.

Ship history

Developed by Ulstein Sea of Solutions, now Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. The vessel is designed as self-propelled pipelay heavy lift vessel featuring 10-point mooring systems for operations in water depths up to 150 m, while for deep water operations it utilises its DP3 system. The operational profile of the SapuraKencana 1200 is primarily focused on pipelay.

The Stinger Handling System uses an A-frame, and was developed in parallel with the ship design. This integrated approach resulted in a very compact system, optimally integrated in the aft ship, with due consideration given to stinger section handling, maintenance and accessibility during operations. In addition to stinger handling, the A-frame can also be used for Deepwater Lowering purposes, using the wire of the Abandon & Recovery (A&R) system.

The design contract for the vessel was signed in December 2010, the design aiming for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. As such, the vessel features a centre single joint firing line to optimise pipe laying operations that are not hampered by vertical motions due to roll. The firing line and the single joint fabrication area is on a tween deck completely covered by the main deck, providing a clean and dry environment for the pipelay equipment and an unobstructed main deck for lifting operations.

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