JSD 6000

The heavy lift pipelay vessel, ‘JSD 6000’, is a customised ULSTEIN SOC5000 design with a large moonpool. The 215m long DP3 vessel is equipped with a 5,000t revolving main crane and is capable of performing J-lay and S-lay pipelay work in max water depths of 3,000 metres.



Built by

Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC), China



Owned by


Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V.

Ordered by


Principal dimensions

215.9 m
49.0 m
Draught (max):
10.9 m
Speed (max):
12 kn
399 POB

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


NOV revolving main crane, lifting capacity:
5,000 t
Remacut S-lay system via centre firing line below main deck:
600 t
IHC EB J-lay system via moonpool:
2,000 t
Installed power:
6 x 8,500 kW
Positioning system:
JSD6000 hull assembly
JSD6000 hull assembly

Ship history

In January 2014, Sharjah-based Petrofac ordered the Petrofac JSD 6000 deepwater derrick lay vessel, a customised ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. The ship was contracted to the Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) shipyard. Petrofac terminated the construction contract with the yard in October 2015.

The design features an NOV revolving main crane with a 5,000 mt lifting capacity. But what makes this vessel truly unique is the combination of a 600 mt Remacut S-lay system via a centre firing line below the main deck and a 2,000 mt IHC EB J-lay system via a moonpool. This double-deck configuration, a distinctive feature in Ulstein Design & Solutions BV's designs, allows for a large, unobstructed deck area and below-deck pipe fabrication.

The combination of heavy lift and S-Lay capabilities, together with J-Lay functionality via a large, off-centre moonpool, allows the vessel to serve deepwater and SURF markets as well as shallow-water EPCI projects.

The JSD 6000 vessel is the third customised version of the ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design after the ‘Seven Borealis’ and ‘Aegir’, both in operation.

2018, 24 April: Petrofac signed an agreement to sell the JSD 6000 deepwater derrick lay vessel project to ZPMC. Petrofac will provide technical support for the construction of the vessel.

2020, 21 October: Assembly of the two half-hull sections

2020, 27 December: The JSD 6000 was launched at the ZPMC Qidong shipyard. After 18 months of hard work and dedication of all team members and other parts involved in the project, the vessel construction activities will continue at the ZPMC Changxing base to complete the installation of the J-lay and S-lay pipelay systems and the 5,000-tonne revolving main crane.

2023, May update: The JSD 6000 has successfully completed her sea trial. She is now in the process of testing the mission and pipe lay equipment.

The JSD6000 on sea trial in May 2023.
The JSD6000 on sea trial in May 2023.

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