Why choose an Ulstein yacht support vessel?



A yacht support vessel widens your opportunities for fun yachting. It carries all your toys and tenders without compromising the luxury and space of your mother yacht. Ulstein’s patented hull solution is offshore rough, developed from decades of real-life experience.

Yachting is without limitations, there are no boundaries, it is spontaneous, fun, relaxing, and sometimes adventurous and exploring.

But who wants to sacrifice any of the precious luxury spaces on their yacht in order to fit in a submarine, a helicopter or crafts? Why go for the most expensive solution and invest in a larger yacht to accommodate all your tenders and toys?

Another solution is to opt for a cool, tough work machine that follows the trails of your yacht.

Compared to investing in a larger yacht, the yacht support vessel lowers the total cost of ownership.

Why a yacht support vessel?

With a yacht support vessel, you have your own, dedicated platform to carry all the toys you request, and it comes with handling systems, hangars, refuelling systems, cranes and logistics to launch them safely. It can also hold special areas that you choose not to implement in your yacht, such as playrooms or a research lab.

Our yacht support vessel designs range from 55 to 90 metres in length and they can carry all your tenders and toys.
Our yacht support vessel designs range from 55 to 90 metres in length and they can carry all your tenders and toys.

The crew, security, guides, instructors and pilots are all available while you can enjoy life undisturbed on your yacht. Or, why not go for an autonomous version that really trails you?

A vessel to rely on

The Ulstein headquarter is situated 62 degrees north, on the west coast of Norway. The soft waves near shore are just reminiscents of their much larger cousins in the Norwegian Sea just a few nautical miles offshore. At our yard, we have built vessels since 1917. Our innovative approach combines our experience of more than 100 years of shipbuilding and more than 50 years of ship design. Our yacht support vessels are workhorses, designed to withstand and endure while being impressive and majestic. The award-winning, X-BOW patented design feature is a key element. Our yacht support vessels come as purpose designs or retrofits of offshore vessels.

With a yacht support vessel, you can venture farther and go to new destinations, even if the infrastructure is missing. The yacht support vessel carries whatever you need, it increases your capacity and the flexibility of travelling. It can arrive at the destination before you and make any preparations prior to your arrival.

Go for a complete yachting experience.

Our innovative range of yacht support vessels is purpose-designed to support superyacht operations, for example, large tenders and toys, submarines or helicopters. Our yacht support vessel designs range from 55 to 90 metres in length and are offered to clients worldwide.

Why choose Ulstein?

  • Multiple award winner in design, engineering, shipbuilding, products and solutions
  • Optimal hull lines for fuel saving - Patented X-BOW design feature
  • Offshore experience since 1917
  • In-house CFD analysing tool for optimisation of the hull, speed and machinery
  • Shipbuilding knowhow - own shipyard in Norway
  • Flexibility related to construction yard - experience from more than 30 different yards worldwide
  • Long experience in crane operations and heavy lifts up to 5,000 tonnes
  • Fuel savings by energy-efficient systems
  • Reduced emissions - applying alternative fuels and batteries
  • Route planning, logistics and online monitoring of the operations via Blue Box
  • Reliable - Top score delivery precision Ulstein Verft
  • Focus on quality workmanship
  • Inhouse engineering resources - Concept and Basic designs - Production engineering
  • Total integrator - Handling and delivery of Main Equipment to external yards
  • Norwegian design - in cooperation with your choice of architect and interior suppliers
  • Modern design lines adapted to harsh weather
  • A short time from contract till delivery from Ulstein Verft
  • Experience in design and shipbuilding deliveries of yachts and expedition cruise vessels

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