Twin naming ceremony of Golden Energy Offshore vessels


The sister vessels 'Energy Empress' and 'Energy Duchess' were named on 29 June 2019. CEO Per Ivar Fagervoll in Golden Energy Offshore revealed that the 'Energy Empress' is headed for her first assignment on 1 July 2019.

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The naming ceremony was held on board the 'Energy Empress' beneath the 'Seven Sisters' waterfall in the Geiranger fjord, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The platform supply vessels have been designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS and is based on the proven PX121 design. A total of thirty PX121 vessels have been built. These two vessels for Golden Energy Offshore boast an extra accommodation deck.

The Energy Empress and Energy Duchess have been built at the Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd (“ROC”) yard, China.

At the announcement of the design contract Per Ivar Fagervoll in Golden Energy Offshore said that:

"In addition to design, ULSTEIN also delivers a significant package including equipment, supervision, commissioning and testing, which has been instrumental and a condition for us to enter into this series of vessels. There is also other Norwegian equipment on-board including the accommodation interior package, delivered in accordance with Norwegian standards.”

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