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Based on a passion for aesthetics and technology, an Ulstein yacht is characterised by her organic lines and immaculate quality, and a stunning look that places her in a league of her own.

An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis
An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis

We draw on our experience from harsh environment to deliver the Ulstein organic design concept. With the integration of advanced technology, and customised to the owner’s specifications and your choice of yacht interior designers, the Ulstein yacht is a symbol of refined luxury, and one that can handle all conditions.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the yachting experience in combination with performance, comfort and style, maintaining a holistic attitude towards form and function. This means that every technical solution is developed with the overall aesthetic beauty in mind.

From first concept to completed vessel, we turn your visions into reality, at the same time reducing risk and improving your experience.

Exquisite design
One example of an Ulstein yacht is visualised in the designer's illustration below: This contemporary and elegant six-deck yacht is based on a highly efficient, proven marine platform. The Owner’s suite and guest accommodations are of an impressive size, and all have large balconies to provide direct open-air access.

The ULSTEIN CX127 research exploration yacht.
The ULSTEIN CX127 research exploration yacht.

Optimising the owner experience
The smart layout for the example above includes a spacious main lounge with balconies for easy access to the outside, dining spaces for a dozen guests as well as a generous Owner’s deck. The large pool doubles as a helipad, and guarantees fast and secure access to and from the vessel at all times. There are also diving facilities, sun decks on all levels, several hot tubs, a Wellness Centre with gym and sauna, cinema and garages for tenders and toys up to 12m in length.

Private retreat
The interior and exterior areas offer a unique continuity between all decks, with panoramic views and a coherent organic and open feeling. According to the Owner’s wish, all the crew and operational areas can be gathered in the fore part of the yacht, while the aft part will all be dedicated to the guest areas.

Exclusively designed according to Owner's request
The example above relates to a specific yacht size and design. However, we can design a yacht exclusively, according to the owner’s specifications. Our yachts can come in any size. The bow design can be the Ulstein patented X-BOW, as shown in the illustrations, or a conventional bow.

Recent yacht contract

For our recent yacht delivery, the Olivia O, the marine platform and hull line design was developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. The exterior design and General Arrangement Plan were supplied by the yacht designer Espen Øino. The construction yard was Ulstein Verft. According to a confidentiality agreement with the owner, we do not publish images or illustrations of this project.

An ULSTEIN CX123 design, a 120m expedition cruise vessel/private yacht with accommodation for 36 guests.
An ULSTEIN CX123 design, a 120m expedition cruise vessel/private yacht with accommodation for 36 guests.

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