X-BOW® CRUISING - Standing out from the crowd


A vessel with the X-BOW® lines from ULSTEIN is unique, and very different from the usual cruise vessels. The seakeeping characteristics have an impact on comfort, safety, efficiency and operability. And then comes the distinctive looks!

The X-BOW® hull line design is an innovation by Ulstein Group, headquartered in Norway.

As offshore experts, we know how the seas can hammer and batter a vessel. The abrupt stops from slamming in head seas can be a potential danger to crew and passengers, and reduce the well-being and effective rest for all on-board. The X-BOW reduces slamming from head seas.

The X-BOW’s soft entry in waves highly improves the onboard comfort and leads to a substantial reduction in noise and vibrations. Even on the lower decks, crew and passengers will experience uninterrupted rest. More available space in the forepart of the vessel opens up to the options of large observation or underwater lounges with spectacular views, recreational areas such as cinemas, gaming rooms and activity rooms for children or to personal well-being such as exercise rooms, spa and treatment areas.

Safety on board is increased. The shape and enclosed nature of the X-BOW minimises the risk of spray, reducing the hazard or nuisance of slippery or icy decks. The soft motions in waves reduce wear-and-tear to the hull. Safety is also an issue considering the more efficient rest time for passengers and crew.

Efficiency and operability
The X-BOW shape leads to lower speed loss. The captain has the choice of keeping up speed while maintaining comfort. The ship will be able to operate more quickly and efficiently in adverse conditions at sea, with shorter time spent transiting harsh sea areas.

The X-BOW – securing a great cruising experience
Calmly waiting for the storm.
Calmly waiting for the storm.

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