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What if you can reduce time and cost on setting up your ship automation system by using configurable functionality and dedicated tools?

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With the tools in the X-CONNECT® platform, the engineering process is simplified and transformed to an efficient configure to order process.

All functionality in the system is predefined and configurable, the X-CONNECT® platform supports the work philosophy; configure, plug and play.

The X-CONNECT® tools have easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces where the focus has been to create projects that are easy to setup and update running projects.

Avoid tedious mimic work
Due to a high level of standardization and modularization, creating user interfaces for different purposes is a straight forward process.

The X-CONNECT® tooling suite contains a library of components and graphical elements, which makes handling of interfaces a simple task for any system integrator.

How can you set up a system without knowledge of protocols and programming?
Deploying the project software is a straight forward process, with a dedicated deployment tool and some few clicks the system is up and running. The platform integrates IO, control, interfaces on operator stations and data network as one system. Old fashioned fragmented systems architectures with PLC and Scada is history, the system works out-of-the-box.

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