The X-CONNECT® system architecture takes products coming from ULSTEIN to a new standard in terms of flexibility and scalability. With our effort on offering a platform that utilize digital possibilities, you can offer ship intelligence that makes your business smarter, safer and greener.

Automation made easy

X-CONNECT® is a universal digital platform for marine automation, control and monitoring. The platform is an effective tool for any system integrator working with marine automation. All functionality in the system is predefined and configurable supporting the work philosophy; configure, plug and play. With the X-CONNECT® Tooling you have a dozen opportunities to customize your product to any specific job.

The platform is designed for reducing complexity in delivery projects. Changes are easy to manage. X-CONNECT® provides efficiency and a modern and improved user experience. As a system integrator, you can configure to order with predifined functionalities.

Save time and work smart
X-CONNECT® is a brilliant tool for any system integrator working with marine automation.

One platform - Proven products

  • ULSTEIN AMS™ - Alarm and Monitoring System
  • ULSTEIN IAS™ - Integrated Automation System
  • ULSTEIN PMS™ - Power Management System
  • ULSTEIN BLUE BOX™ - Ship to Cloud vendor independent Infrastructure
  • ULSTEIN EMS™ - Energy management system (EMS)​​
Ulsteins Marine Automation Systems Based On Ulstein X Connect Were Awarded The Doga Award 2017

Pick ’n’ mix functionality

The X-CONNECT® library already consists of several standardised, components withconfigurable functionalites. X-CONNECT® system integrators can easily pick ‘n’ mix between these fully configured assets.

Speed up automation processes with access to the functionality library

Users of the X-CONNECT® platform get access to a large library of standardised, componentized and configurable functionalities to meet different needs and requirements.

The functionalities typically represent physically controllable components, systems, configurable logics and custom auto functions.
The functionalities are easy to configure, and integrate all necessary aspects of signaling, alarming, logics, failure management and user interface in configurable components.

X-CONNECT® Tooling

The X-CONNECT® Tooling makes a difference for saving time and working smarter.
The tools in the platform let you work efficiently with what used to be repetitive and time consuming procedures that earlier fed on available resources or budgets.


The whole system delivery including hardware and software is defined and arranged in the configuration tool. With the configuration tool it is easy to set up delivery projects from scratch. It is possible to import content from IO lists. Changes to a project is easy to manage whenever needed. It is straightforward to add or remove content, or change parametrics of components and content of systems and mimics.


The mimic editor is used for arranging the visual content of custom mimics and drawing animated pipes.


The Deploy tool is used for deploying the configured system to the system hardware and for starting up the system. The tool is easy to use and makes the process setting up and running a system a few-step process.For existing running system the Deploy tool can be used to read back the running configuration.

Spend 60 seconds and get a sneak peek at our interface

Award winning graphical user interface developed by Ulstein together with Eggs.



We try to answer any questions you might have on our new X-CONNECT® platform. Since there is a lot of interest and questions about our platform we have already answered a few frequently asked questions below.


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