Ocean Albatros soon ready for sea trial


Albatros Expeditions recently announced that their brand new expedition cruise vessel, Ocean Albatros, "is almost in the water and will soon be undergoing sea trials." She is scheduled to arrive for their Arctic 2023 season, and the ship operator is more than excited to be receiving her.

Ocean Albatros under construction.
Ocean Albatros under construction.

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The text below is used with courtesy from Albatros Expeditions:

"With updated amenities and more modern engines, she will be greener, cleaner, and ready to take our guests on the journey of their lifetime."

Albatros Expeditions has experienced a year of operation of their Ocean Victory, and is eagerly awaiting the Ocean Albatros. "This will be a true small ship experience", they state.

As the sister ship of Ocean Victory, the Ocean Albatros is more or less being built with the same layout, amenities, and Scandinavian design elements as the previous vessel. However, Albatros Expeditions has decided to reduce her capacity while providing the same amount of deck space, "to deliver an even better guide to guests ratio, a 1:8, one of the best in our industry".

Moreover, Albatros Expeditions is happy to announce that "besides a panorama sauna, they are also adding an extra suite on top of the existing ones. The Double-Bedroom, Family Suite is going to be located on Deck 7, featuring two interconnecting French Balcony Suites, accommodating up to 5 people".

And further; "Our next polar explorer, Ocean Albatros, nears completion in the yard and will soon be ready to deliver the next level of guests' experience. She's shaping up to be a real beauty! Soon, it's time for the sea trials".

The Ocean Albatros is based on the ULSTEIN CX103 design and is one of the vessels in the Sunstone INFINITY series.

"Our latest infinity vessels are not only perfect for small-scale polar expeditions, but they are one of the most sustainable ships on the market," states Albatros Expeditions.

"With optimised speed and fuel consumption, partially running on electric engines, they are designed to deal with rough seas, utilising stabilisers and their unique X-BOW design.

"But that is not all. With an infinity pool, jacuzzis, sauna, and staterooms that are bigger than most other ships in its class - Ocean Albatros is truly a game-changing ship."

Albatros Expeditions ends its update by saying that "We cannot wait to welcome our guests on board from the next Arctic season!"

The sister vessel 'Ocean Victory'. Photo: Albatros Expeditions.
The sister vessel 'Ocean Victory'. Photo: Albatros Expeditions.

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