Reasons to upgrade your ship and secure future operations

If you are a shipowner or operating a vessel you are probably familiar with some of the reasons listed below. See how you can address these problems and secure safe operations for the upcoming years.

Why you should upgrade

There is a risk of failure in old components. The rotating parts in computers have a given lifetime, and a general outage of electronic circuits and components occurs. Failing of hardware components can result in instability during operation, malfunction or total loss of system and functionality, and subsequently downtime.

Spares and technical support can be hard to obtain:
New and more efficient components have outdated the existing hardware installations in your automation system. Spares can be hard to find, as well as support and technical assistance.

System interaction:
An automation system that was installed and developed more than a decade ago has not incorporated the added functionality of a modern system. New requirements and new technologies change more rapidly than ever, and the system technology installed must be able to cope.

Little flexibility:
The existing system has been designed for the needs that were present at the time of installation. It does not necessarily include the flexibility to upgrade according to the present needs, and it does not support new functionality such as Power Management System.

Our upgrade solution

We offer two variants of automation upgrades:

These systems can easily be expanded, and are flexible and scalable in terms of adding new functionality. With the Internet of Things (IoT) communication standard based on Data Distribution Services (DDS), the possibility of integrating large control systems is a reality.

We can be your advisory partner

Investment report:
· Based on the actual vessel’s configuration, we can outline a Business Case for you.
· With a price indication in hand, the upgrade project can be implemented in your maintenance budgets.


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