To secure a long life-cycle of your ULSTEIN IAS system we have a range of upgrades available.

Life Cycle Service – IAS computers

  • Replacement of out aged hardware.
  • Onboard implementation in 48 hours.
  • Tested in lab prior to deployment.
  • Implementation of up to date ULSTEIN IAS core improvements

Applicability: All vessels with Ulstein IAS installed

Service/reference number: #001

Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) V2.x - DVR (Data Verification Report)

  • Maintained normal operation of helideck
  • Calibration services – additional if required
  • Documentation according to HCA requirements
  • Serial number and certificate tracking

Applicability: All vessels with ULSTEIN IAS - HMS V2.x installed

Service/reference number: #004

Manual soit and pipe animation

  • Safer operation
  • Pipe and object animation
  • Intuitive user interface

Applicability: All vessels with manually operated soit’s without electrical position feedback.

Service/reference number: #006

Running Hour Module Update

  • Reduce maintenance need for passwords and accounts
  • Increase availability on service
  • Faster and higher quality service
  • Supports analog and INT signals

Applicability : All vessels with ULSTEIN IAS installed

Service/reference number: #008

IAS Remote Support Unit (RSU)

  • Remote support via internet connection.
  • Upload of application data for analysis in LAB.
  • DNV approved hardware solution.
  • Onboard implementation in approximately 4 hours.
  • Fixed price – including commisioning.
  • Reduced cost for remote support – Efficient solution.
  • Remote diagnostics and support on the ULSTEIN POWER Drive systems.
  • Applicability : All vessels with ULSTEIN IAS installed and available internet connection
  • Service/reference number: #012

    Motion Reference Unit (MRU) Replacement
    at Helideck monitoring unit

    • Continued Helideck operations
    • Online service (V-SAT)
    • DVR for replaced item (certificate traceability)

    Applicability: Vessels with Ulstein Helideck Monitoring System, and has a separate MRU for this system.

    Service/reference number: #017

    IAS Training Course

    • Safer operation
    • Increase crew competence
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshoot and resolve issues

    Applicability: For crew on vessels with ULSTEIN IAS installed.

    Service/reference number: #020

    Lifecycle service – MS1070 monitors – End Of Life

    • Replacement of EOL MS1070 monitor.
    • Form – Fit – Function maintained.
    • Complete with mounting accessories.
    • DNV approved hardware solution.
    • Includes update of relevant documentation and installation instructions.

    Applicability: All vessels with Ulstein IAS and monitor MS1070 installed.

    Service/reference number: #021

    Please contact us for more information

    Per Einar Moldskred DSC4336 comp bw