Pre-commissioning & commissioning

Secure your system delivery by using our vast experience in pre-commissioning & commissioning services.

Our commitment to global supply of system integration, products and services requires a local presence.
Our assistance in newbuilding projects is provided from several locations across the globe, where a service Team or a site team follows the product from Installation, pre-commissioning throughout the commissioning to assure the owner and yard an efficient progress.


During pre-commissioning, we follow up the Ulstein products day-by-day during the installation period at the yard.

Our site team can assist the yard or our customer with the electrical interfacing and verification of signals in order to reach the objective set.

The team on-site will assist the yard in relevant planning and execution in the project phases. This will safeguard that the Ulstein products are according to specifications, and ensure that the operation is optimal.

  • We share our knowhow of vessels, shipbuilding and systems.
  • We check and confirm that equipment is ready for commissioning.
  • The Ulstein standard secures a complete, quality finishing.


The process leading up to initial power-up of the Ulstein products is closely followed by our teams who can streamline communication channels on-site to assure efficiency in the final steps before delivery of the vessel.
Vast experience in commissioning is built over many decades, where owners worldwide have requested solutions that are required to perform more complex marine operations.


"Ulstein Site Team bridge the communications between the shipyard, Ulstein Power & Control and shipowner. The Pre-Commissioning service provided by Ulstein Site team made sea-trial four months after launching possible, which we are very proud of. The contract of Pre-Commissioning with Ulstein is indeed value for money!“
Mr. Dylan Xu, project manager of AVIC Weihai SY for the Jan De Nul 6000t rock dumping project, including an equipment package from Ulstein Power & Control AS.

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