​Batteries for peak loads

Batteries can supply energy when peak loads occur in ship operations, otherwise being handled by the increased use of the diesel engines.

When a ship enters into an energy-demanding operation, typically a DP operation, the need for energy often comes in peaks. Having to start and shut down diesel engines to handle these peaks leads to more use of diesel, increased emissions and the need for service and maintenance. Experience also show that diesel engines operate more efficiently under stable load conditions.

The energy produced in a vessel usually moves in the direction from gensets and switchboards via frequency converters to the thruster motor. When the vessel is equipped with an active front-end system, there is bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC power. This power solution opens up for installation of batteries as a stored energy solution in a system. The AFE converter makes it possible to share the battery power over the complete network and bring balance between power consumption and generated power when load variations are high over a period.

Shorter response time

The response time for increased thrust power when using batteries compared to starting up a diesel engine is much shorter, it reduces the wear and tear of the engines, and balances the energy consumption.

A battery system for vessels with an active front-end (AFE) can easily be installed as retrofits when the AFE converter is prepared for it, using the existing DC bus. There is no need for extra switchboard or breaker installations.

Active Front End (AFE) is a controllable rectifier, becoming more widely used over the past years due to its flexibility and easy installation combined with a more competitive price. Installed with a battery pack, the AFE regenerate energy to handle the energy peaks in ship operations. Good for you – good for the natural environment.

Easy installation in new systems and retrofits:

  • Standard AC Main Switchboard
  • No need for extra DC bus
  • DC/DC converter integrated in AFE
  • No extra feeder from Main Switchboard
  • Battery may be connected to all Thrusters (AFE DC bus)
  • Easy to add battery (retrofit) when AFE is prepared for it

Key benefits

Energy reversibility

The power exchange is bidirectional. The battery charges when there is power available, and is ready to deliver energy instantly whenever needed.

Lowered delay time

The time delay which occurs when starting up a diesel engine is diminished when using power from a battery pack.

Reduced emissions

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Reduced use of the engine leads to lowered maintenance and service costs

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