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Shipbuilding is both an art and a science, calling for a high level of expertise and a workforce able to deliver products that provide long-term competitiveness. At ULSTEIN, customers get experience, reliability and shipbuilding quality that justify a long-term investment.

ULSTEIN has unique competence in engineering, installation, commissioning and upgrading. We focus on innovative technological solutions and methods, project management, and efficient logistics and outfitting methods. Team spirit and streamlined production provide a high level of flexibility and quality.

Decades building advanced vessels for demanding marine operations have given us a knowledge base and experience that guarantee the highest standards of quality, execution and delivery precision. Since 1917, ULSTEIN has been a solid and reliable partner. When we build ships, we have the ship’s life cycle and the industry’s future in mind. Our project managers have years of experience solving and delivering complex projects.

Ships coming from this yard have high quality and finish, they're of their own standard so to say. On our comments, things are fixed rapidly. This makes it easy to work with Ulstein. Tom Inge Vetrhus, Island Offshore project manager

Island Performer

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