Ulstein Accelerated Business Development

Business development takes time. This is partly because of the enormous amount of factors to consider. To make sure the better decision is made, the decision maker has to consult with a range of professionals to cover all relevant aspects of the decision.

This process can be time consuming – going on for months, or even years. Yet, the process may result in an immature vessel design solution and investment plan. Ulstein ABD is a methodology taking all these issues into account and at the same time speed up the decision-making process.

Ulstein ABD approach

Multidisciplinary input in real time

To surpass all of the usual business development pittfals, Ulstein ABD unites executives and experts in multidisciplinary workshops, ensuring that professional input can be received in real time. With over 200 business-cases done, these collaborative workshops have proven themselves invaluable in terms of speeding up the decision-making process which further accelerates the overall business development.

Step-by-step approach

The ABD approach is typically separated into three sessions. The facilitator guides the participants, following a pre-set structure that is flexible enough for individual adaptations.

ABD sessions
ABD sessions, a step-by-step approach

Workshop organisation

The Ulstein Accelerated Business Development Approach takes approximately one to two months from start to finish. As a concentrated effort, a week might be enough to concede a better vessel concept design solution. Workshops can be arranged as a one week intensive session, or preferably over a period of 6 to 8 weeks with 2 weeks in between sessions.

ABD Sessions

Ulstein ABD Centre and competence

The Ulstein ABD process takes place at the Ulstein ABD Centre which is fully equipped with interactive boards, projectors and multi-screen monitors. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged at any other convenient and relevant place at the customers premises or in its vicinity.

Internal and external expertise

Both internal and external specialists are called upon when needed. The customer experts, together with the Ulstein ABD Centre facilitators, make up the core project group. With the company’s background in ship design, shipbuilding and electrical & control systems, Ulstein is uniquely positioned to guide customers through the fleet renewal and vessel investment decision-making process.

ABD Centre expertise

Ulstein ABD methodology

Over the last few years, Ulstein has initiated and been involved in over 200 national and international business-case developments.

Knowledge based on sound research

In collaboration with academic institutions, class societies and major industry suppliers, the studies have aimed to improve the way we conduct our business-case development, especially how to secure competitive advantage of the vessel design being developed.

Ulstein has developed the resulting knowledge into a business methodology, the ULSTEIN ABD. We are using it to work with comprehensive internal strategic issues and, more importantly, our customers’ strategic fleet investment decisions.


  • Multidisciplinary Decision Making - We unite executives and experts, ensuring multidisciplinary input of all relevant aspects.
  • Efficient Information Processing - Extensive information analysed and presented to assure a reliable foundation for decision-making.
  • Business Ideas Faster to Market - Reducing time from business idea to commercial realisation
  • Benchmarking and Performance Ranking of Vessel Design Solutions - Find the right vessel design solution by detailed performance comparison.
  • Structured Business Plan and Concept Solution - Proper documentation for presenting information to stakeholders and design makers.
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