Oceanic King

New name: Polar Marquis. Delivered early 2000 by Flekkefjord Slipp AS as an offshore vessel with multiple possibilities. After having taken delivery of the vessel, the Owner decided to convert the vessel to a high capacity cable laying vessel. The vessel was rebuilt by Ulstein Verft AS for delivery 2000.

Built by

Ulstein Verft AS



Owned by


Yard number


Ordered by

Polar Ship Management AS

Operated by

ITG International Telecom Group

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

121 m
22 m
Dead weight:
7500 tonnes
Draught (max):
7.3 m
Speed (max):
15.5 kn
70 POB
Deck area:
1500 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Ballast water:
4146 cbm
Fresh water:
275 cbm
Fuel oil:
3950 cbm
Bollard pull:
150 t


  • DnV +1A1, Cable Laying Vessel, DYNPO AUTR, RP, E0, W1, HELDK-SH

The vessel is designed by Polar Ship Management AS in close cooperation with the naval architect Multi Maritime AS. The conversion by Ulstein Verft included the lengthening of the vessel by 22 m to accommodate hull integrated cable tanks, and add a hangar sheltering the cable laying equipment, with several special rooms for cable laying operations. "Oceanic King" has been developed in accordance with the demanding requirements for laying and maintenance of fibre-optic cables. The vessel features an efficient lay-out, providing a comprehensive arrangement of cable laying outfitting, spacious hotel facilities and a flexible, redundant and powerful propulsion and machinery package. "Oceanic King" is built with a hotel compliment of high standards and with capacity for 70 persons. Further with a hull integrated helicopter landing platform.

After delivery, the vessel had the A frame modified in order to be able to land it approx 1.5 m further to the front end of the deck. The vessel's first test task was to lay cables on 6,000 m depth.

Ship history

2000: New name "Oceanic King"
2003: Got the old name "Polar King"
2006: Converted and received the new name "Geo Atlantic"
2014: 4-month upgrade and new name "Polar Marquis"
2017: The current vessel, 'Polar Marquis' is a high capacity 3D seismic vessel, capable of deploying 16 streamers. The vessel is owned by Shearwater GeoServices and GC Rieber Shipping is responsible for technical management.

May 2019: Polar Marquis is awarded a contract by Woodside Energy for a high-density, multi-azimuth 3D seismic survey in early July over the SNE field offshore Senegal. The contract covers the Sangomar, Sangomar Deep, and Rufisque Offshore blocks. The vessel will employ 14 streamers and FlexiSource triple source for the campaign, which should take approximately 90 days to complete.

MAIN DIMENSIONS (at time of delivery from Ulstein Verft)

Length over all, approx 121,0 m
Length between p.p 102,8 m
Breadth moulded 22,0 m
Depth moulded 9,65 m
Max draught midship (design) 7,3 m

Ballast water 4146 m3
Fresh water 275 m3
Fuel oil 3950 m3
Deadweight at summer draught 7,3 m 7500 T
Gross tonnage, international 12666 GRT

Cable tank no. 1 main 3000 tonnes
Cable tank no. 2 main 3000 tonnes
Spare cable tank SB 415 tonnes
Rope tank PS 145 m3
Rope tank SB 145 m3
Cable deck area 1500 m3

Deck Cranes
Provision Crane, 2 T - 9 mtrs

Cable Drum Engine, drum dia 4,0 m, SWL 25 tonnes
DOHB Winch (Draw Off Hold Back) SWL 4 tonnes
Cable Diverter for cable drum engine
Linear Engine, 20 wheel pairs, SWL 20 tonnes
2 off Portable DOHB winches, SWL 2 tonnes
2 off Repeater stacks, each of cap. 80 repeaters, air conditioned.
Overhead travelling gantry crane, 41,5m x 14,5 m SWL 5 tonnes.
Duorail trolley, SWL 1,5 tonnes
A-frame, SWL 60 tonnes
Towing winch, SWL 35 tonnes, 3500 m of Ø40 rope.
Umbilical winch, 3 tonnes - 15m/min.
Double split stern repair sheave, dia 3,0 m width 1250 mm, 60 tonnes.
Cable laying stern sheave, dia. 3,0 m, width 550 mm 24 tonnes.
Tow wire stern sheave, dia. 1,37 m, width 380 mm 60 tonnes.
Deck crane 1, SWL 5 tonnes - 15 m, knuckle jib.
Deck crane 2, SWL 5 tonnes - 15 m, knuckle jib.
Deck crane 3, SWL 5 tonnes - 11 m / 4 t - 13 m
2 off Buoy handling davits, SWL 10 tonnes

Fire detection system for cable tanks
Sprinkler fire extinction system for cable tanks
An extensive CCV system for surveillance of cable laying engines etc. (Monitors in control room and wheelhouse)

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