Normand Cutter

Built at Ulstein Verft as a Cable Laying and Repair Vessel and delivered 2001. The vessel underwent a major conversion in 2004 at Ulstein Verft to a deepwater subsea construction and umbilical lay DP vessel, and was chartered by Sonsub Saipem.

Vessel type


Built by

Ulstein Verft AS



Owned by

Solstad Offshore ASA

Yard number


Ordered by

Solstad Cable Ships AS

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

127,5 m
27 m
Dead weight:
10,130 tonnes
Draught (max):
7.2 m
Speed (max):
15.7 kn
114 POB
Deck area:
1300 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Ballast water:
5429 cbm
Fresh water:
748 cbm
Fuel oil:
3279 cbm



Ship history

2000: After the work had started on the yno 257 (Normand Cutter), Solstad Offshore decided to build a sister vessel, yno 258 (Normand Clipper), at Ulstein Verft.

2001: Normand Cutter was delivered in 2001 to Solstad Cable Ships AS, and chartered by TyCom. The vessel, yno 257 at Ulstein Verft, was built as a cable lay and repair vessel of the VS 4125 CLV design. At time of delivery, the vessel was equipped and fitted for:
- Handling any type of underwater telecommunication cable (dia 14 - 150 mm)
- Handling repeaters up to 380 mm diameter Stacking up to 200 repeaters
- Operation in both shallow and deep water
- Stern working Range 6000 n.m. at service speed
- Continuous operation at sea for 40 days
"Normand Cutter" was built with a flexible, redundant and powerful diesel-electric propulsion and machinery package, and a spacious hotel compliment of high standards and with a capacity for 70 persons. Further with a hull integrated helicopter landing platform.

2004: Normand Cutter underwent a major conversion at Ulstein Verft (Yno 20257) to a pipelaying construction crane vessel, and was chartered by Saipem. The vessel came to the yard on 5 December 2003, and the conversion was complete in May 2004. 1,300 t of new steel was used in the production of sponsoons, crane base, new accommodation module and ROV hangar. A 300t crane was installed on the port side, and the previously installed 25t crane was moved to the starboard side. The sponsoons widened the vessel by 3.6 m from the aft to the wheelhouse. In 60m length, the load deck was strengthened, from 3t/m2 to 10t/m2. A moonpool was installed and three new ROV stations, one of these inside a hangar. A carousel for umbilicals with a capacity of 2,500 t was installed. The same type of conversion was carried out on the sister vessel.

Read about the conversion in Norwegian: Les om ombygginga av Normand Cutter på norsk

2022: Normand Cutter has won a 110-day charter for a cable project in NOrthern Europe with the start-up in February.

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