Island Venture

OCV vessel for operations such as IMR, ROV services, well intervention and drilling. Max operational crane depth 4,000 m. Main moon pool opening 11.2 x 12 m, two work ROV moon pools. Extensive under-deck capacities for liquid and dry substances. Deck load capacity 9,000 t. Three separate engine rooms.

Vessel type




Built by

Ulstein Verft AS



Owned by

Island Ventures 5 LLC

Yard number


Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

Island Ventures 5 LLC

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

159.8 m
30 m
Dead weight:
14,248 tonnes
Draught (max):
9 m
Speed (max):
14.3 kn
239 POB
Deck area:
2,250 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


AHC Main offshore crane:
400 t
AHC offshore crane:
140 t
Deck load, approx.:
9,000 t
Fuel oil:
2,433 cbm
Fresh water:
1,190 cbm
Water ballast/Drill water:
10,526 cbm
1,047 cbm
LFL (low flashpoint liquid):
242 cbm
Liquid mud:
1,750 cbm
368 cbm
Base oil (BSO):
931 cbm
Dry bulk/Cement (3 tanks):
309 cbm
523 cbm
148 cbm


  • ABS +1A1, Offshore Support Vessel, Circle-E, *AMS, *ACCU, *DPS-3 SKP (a,b,c,d,e,f), ENVIRO, GP, HAB(WB), UWILD, SPS, HDC, HLC, ROV Capable, CRC, BWT, HELIDK, MLC-ACCOM, NIBS, POT

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Ship history

2015: Nominated 'Ship of the Year' by Skipsrevyen.

2017: Delivered on 17 january 2017. 'Island Venture' (IMO 9721786) is owned by Island Ventures 5 LLC, a joint venture between Edison Chouest Offshore (USA) and Island Offshore (Norway).

The vessel was originally ordered as a vessel of 147.5m length and 28m in the beam. After the ship construction had started, it was decided to increase the deck area and tank capacities. The vessel is now measuring 160m by 30m. A 400t crane for operations at 4,000-metre depth as well as a 140t crane with 3,000-metre wire have been installed. The vessel has three moon pools - two for work ROVs and one construction moon pool of 12 x 11.2 metres. The vessel has been prepared for a possible later installation of a module handling tower by reinforcing the foundations in the moon pool area. A later change order included an upgrade of the accommodation, from 200 to 239 persons.

'Operation+' allows the vessel to continue uninterrupted operations after sustaining a substantial single failure, such as the loss of generators or thrusters. This gives the vessel unmatched extended redundancy, and a ship to fully rely on.

2019: Houston-based C-Innovation, an affiliate of Edison Chouest Offshore, has been contracted to perform riserless light well intervention (RLWI) to support BP’s deepwater activities in the Gulf of Mexico. The initial contract calls for both mechanical and hydraulic acid stimulations, which will be executed using C-Innovation’s offshore construction and light well intervention vessels Island Venture and Island Performer. An Ulstein SX165 design, Island Venture is dynamic positioning class 3 capable, with an overall length of 160 m, a beam of 30 m, draught of 9 m, with accommodation for 239 and deck area of 2,250 m2. It is fitted with an active heave-compensation offshore crane with a 400-tonne capacity. Slightly smaller than Island Venture, Island Performer is an Ulstein SX121 design, with a length of 130 m, beam of 25 m, draught of 7.6 m, accommodation for 130 and deck area of 800 m2. C-Innovation will perform the RLWI activities in water of up to 2,000 m on different assets within the Gulf of Mexico, with a projected start in July.

2020: The Island Venture, Island Performer and Holiday vessels are here shown working on tree, jumper and commissioning operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

2021: An undisclosed major operator in the Gulf of Mexico has awarded C-Innovation a multi-year contract for riserless light well intervention. The Island Venture is expected to perform intervention activities on eight to ten wells per year including wireline and stimulations. C-Innovation Vice President David Sheetz said: “This new contract is a direct result of our accomplishments with the same operator over the last two years. I am extremely proud of our teams and partnerships with both Halliburton and Baker Hughes to deliver the kind of success that allows us to continue to be the leaders with our Single Source Solution for deepwater RLWI in the Gulf of Mexico.” Dino Chouest, president of C-Innovation, added: “These are exciting times for our industry. The forward thinking and innovative ideas our teams have developed over the last two years are setting new standards in deepwater riserless well interventions. We look forward to expanding our offerings with additional vessels and advanced solutions in the near future.”

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