Bourbon Pearl

New name: Parcel Do Bandolim. A platform supply vessel, yard number ZJ B05 145, of the P105 design from Ulstein, ordered by Bourbon Offshore Norway. The vessel was the first of totally four ULSTEIN P105s constructed at Zhejiang Shipyard. Has later been converted to an MPSV.

Vessel type

Platform supply

Built by

Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Ningbo, China



Owned by

Bourbon Gaia Supply

Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

Bourbon Offshore Norway

Operated by

OceanPact Servicos Maritimos

Principal dimensions

91.1 m
19 m
Dead weight:
4750 tonnes
Draught (max):
6.5 m
Speed (max):
15.5 kn
50 POB
Deck area:
990 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Water ballast:
1360 cbm
Fuel oil:
1170 cbm
Fresh water:
980 cbm
Drill water:
950 cbm
1170 cbm


  • DnV +1A1, HL(p), NAUT-OC, SF, DynPos-AUTR, Fire Fighter I, OILREC, CLEAN, DK(+), LFL*

Ship history

The vessel was number one of totally four ULSTEIN P105s constructed at Zhejiang Shipyard. IMO number 9386677

Vessel number 1: Bourbon Pearl

Vessel number 2: Bourbon Ruby

Vessel number 3: Bourbon Sapphire

Vessel number 4: Bourbon Diamond

2016 Bourbon update:
With MPSVs, the idea of a versatile vessel takes on a whole new meaning. Designed for subsea operations, the Bourbon Pearl put on its floatel hat for BP, which is operating oil and gas fields off of Port of Spain, the Trinidadian capital. Mauricio Valencia, Contracts Manager, takes us on board.

In 2011, BOURBON and BP officialized a partnership regarding the Caribbean zone. Two years later, a contract was signed for 5 years (with extensions possible over 2 years), planning for the provision of 5 vessels for BP Trinidad operations. Coming straight from Norway, the Bourbon Pearl has been one of these vessels since mid-2016. A former PSV transformed into a MPSV, it is now at work as a floating hotel, or floatel, for personnel working on the Amherstia platform, 140 nautical miles from Port of Spain. "Our 50 guests enjoy a full-comfort environment. They sleep, eat, watch TV, or surf the Internet in the evening, after a long workday. Rotations take place every 2 weeks," Mauricio Valencia explains.

Dedicated to subsea operations, the Bourbon Pearl is equipped to accommodate a large number of personnel with ease: 31 cabins (for 1 to 6 people), a laundry room, infirmary, and a galley.


In order to support BP personnel on a day-to-day basis in Trinidad-and-Tobago, BOURBON dispatched its most competent crew. At the controls, are the captain and his 24 teammates. Their mission: ensuring the safety of all on board, "especially when they cross the gangway connecting the Pearl to the platform, the walk-to-work" Mauricio Valencia adds.

Our Contracts Manager ensured the application of OSM (Operational Safety Management) procedures in advance of the project. But for the on-board crew, safety remains an everyday priority. "A safety briefing is held every morning. From the positioning of the gangway to crossing it, in one direction as well as the other, our teams demonstrate vigilance at every moment," he says, adding: "I cannot talk about this mission without mentioning the exemplary professionalism of the on-board crew."

As for the Bourbon Pearl, it is the right vessel for the job. "Thanks to its cutting edge dynamic positioning system, it is capable of maintaining position for long periods and remaining stable at important moments, like the walk-to-work," concludes Mauricio Valencia.

December 2020: The vessel has changed name to Parcel Do Bandolim, and is operated by the Brazil-based OceanPact. The vessel is operating as an ROV Support Vessel (RSV) within the subsea segments Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) and Construction positioning and support.

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