Reduce downtime on your ship by upgrading your automation system

See how you can secure future operations by taking necessary measures today. Being a shipowner, or operating a vessel, is profitable when work is being done and everything runs smoothly. At the same time, it’s important to think ahead to secure the business.

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As with almost everything in life, nothing lasts forever. Malfunctions and unexpected downtime can be critical to all parties involved. And then what to do?

Taking into use products and systems that utilize digital possibilities, ship owners will be able to offer ship intelligence that makes their business smarter, safer and greener. This is at the core of the product and system development in Ulstein.

>>Read more about reasons to upgrade and secure future operations here.

Do you need an advisory partner?

Let us help you with an investment report:

  • Based on the actual vessel’s configuration, we can outline a Business Case for you.
  • With a price indication in hand, the upgrade project can be implemented in your maintenance budgets.


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