Ulstein's trawlers and UN's sustainable development goals


A series of trawlers in which the harvesting methods are less damaging to the catch, resulting in increased quality of the end product. The hull and propulsion solutions provide for reduced fuel consumption and less emissions to air.

SDG 3 Good health

  • More careful handling of the fish leads to higher quality fish fillets.
  • The factory on board is equipped with hydrolysis for the recovery of health-promoting oils and nutrition such as calcium.

SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Upgrade of technology and solutions for a more sustainable marine industry.
  • Concept for profitability in a global market perspective.

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption

  • Smaller trawl nets lead to more gentle handling of the catch. Pressure on the fish is avoided and prevents fish from being detained in the catching process, thus less waste.
  • Hydrolytic plants in the factory ensure the effective use of all bimaterials of the fish. Zero waste emissions.

SDG 13 Climate Action

  • Hybrid propulsion combining battery with diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical propulsion, reduces emissions to sea and air.
  • X-BOW® increases load capacity and space, and reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

SDG 14 Life Below Water

  • Ships carrying the X-BOW feature have less vibrations and pitching, which reduce noise in the sea.
  • The new series has smaller trawl nets than on traditional trawlers. This secures a more responsible and sustainable harvesting of our marine resources.

SDG 17 Partnership for the goals

  • The series has been developed in collaboration between Ulstein and Nordic wildfish with a goal of more sustainable trawling.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience to exploit new technology and innovate in fishery and marine industry.