'Smooth-as-silk' launch


Britoil Offshore Services Pte Ltd's ULSTEIN PX121 newbuild, the "Britoil Energy", was launched successfully today at PT. Britoil Offshore Indonesia, Britoil's own shipyard on the island of Batam.

Gunnar Haug, Ulstein Group representative in South East Asia, comments;

"Launches are always exciting, but this one was smooth as silk, just like the first one, for 'Britoil Power' in January. The twin sisters now accompany each other - being outfitted alongside at the same yard."

The vessels entered the sea with ship launching airbags. The launch took place at PT. Britoil Offshore Shipyard in Batam where they have been constructed.

Singapore based Britoil has a fleet of 40 vessels, mainly anchor handling tugs and barges. The company has more than 25 years of experience in ship services and transport. The PX121 vessels mark Britoil’s entry into the PSV market.