Readying for their first journey on the ‘Color Hybrid’


The completion of the ‘Color Hybrid’ plug-in hybrid vessel is well underway at Ulstein Verft. Now is the time for painting, installations and electrical work. Present at the yard is Color Line’s site team, counting eight people. They will all have their work on the vessel after her delivery.

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The site manager and technical inspector Jarle Auby and the vessel’s chief mate Svein Roger Olsen have followed the vessel closely since 2016, prior to shipbuilding contract, as well as the construction process so far. Now, six more in the team have arrived at Ulstein Verft.

Captain Jan Magnar Sollid is eager to take charge of the vessel:

«This will be our work place. When we carry out our inspections of the vessel, we consider and discuss her daily functions after she enters into work. We are proactive, give input to the yard and do whatever we can to make this a smooth process until delivery».

High activity at the yard

The yard is bustling, full of people, all working hard to get the vessel ready in time for the launch from the dock hall in April.

«The project is in a busy phase at the moment. From what I learn, more than 600 people are occupied with our shipbuilding project alone», says Jarle Auby. «The completion work is currently going on all over the vessel, such as the installation of bulk heads in the cabin section, insulation all over the vessel, interior and outside painting.»

The yard prioritises safety

«We feel warmly welcomed here, and we must compliment the yard for keeping everything neat and tidy, with a focus on safety. The yard is small and compact, with good logistics, and we get a very good impression of the processes carried out,» comments captain Sollid.

No everyday business

The team are looking very much forward to getting the vessel completed. «It is no everyday business to take out a brand new vessel! Also, it is a little extra that the vessel is registrated in Sandefjord, where Color Line Marine is headquartered, and from where the vessel will be operating from summer 2019», adds Jarle Auby, who will be on board in his position as chief engineer.

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