Our portfolio of expedition cruise ship designs


Our expedition cruise ship designs originate from our heritage of maritime expertise, and we design vessels for unforgettable adventures. Our portfolio of cutting edge, expedition cruise ship designs ranges in accommodation capacity from 25 to 800 people.

Introducing the best from offshore experience to expedition cruise

We have been shipbuilders for one hundred years, and our first ship designs were developed in the early 1970s.

With our background from designing robust and offshore-tough vessels, we bring the highest standards from the offshore era to the world of expeditions: Safety, low environmental footprint, redundant systems, low vessel motions, and innovative and efficient tender handling solutions and expedition logistics.

Spacious lounges, topside and wing observation decks, and spa interior - all three can be opted in on our cruise ships.
Spacious lounges, topside and wing observation decks, and spa interior - all three can be opted in on our cruise ships.

Responsible partner
ULSTEIN’s core mission is sustainability. Cruise journeys should lead to minimum impact on the environment during transit or at the destinations. In order to reduce the ecological footprint, we take into consideration the whole life-cycle of the vessel, contemplating alternative materials, optimisation of power consumption with minimised emissions, fuel-efficient propulsion systems and engines, alternative energy sources including the use of waste energy, and efficient hull forms. We design for future generations.

On-board logistics
Much effort has been placed in the on-board logistics. The overall expedition logistics is carefully considered in close cooperation with the ship owner, supported by our analyses of flow logistics and field trips.

Customer experience is crucial
The ship layout has been designed for a memorable journey and a unique experience. All passengers have ocean-view cabins and suites, and most have balconies to get even closer to the natural experience. The ships offer facilities for entertainment and fine dining, exercise and adventure, wildlife spottings, recreation and relaxation.

Interior style is adjusted to owner's requirements
We cooperate with renowned cruise interior designers, and our expedition cruise vessels interior style is adjusted to the owner’s requirements.

Any interior style can be customised for our vessels.

A sizeable portfolio of expedition cruise vessels
The graphics below shows the current size variation in our portfolio, ranging from a gross tonnage of 5,600 up to 25,000.

More about our portfolio here.

Cruise portfolio by Ulstein.
Cruise portfolio by Ulstein.

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