‘NG Endurance’ successfully completed sea trial


The sea trial of the NG Endurance has been successfully carried out over the weekend. The polar vessel is soon to return to the shipyard, Ulstein Verft, for the final construction phase before setting off to explore the Arctic.

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The sea trial tests have been comprehensive and included exercises of the propulsion and navigation systems and emergency manoeuvres such as a live test of the Safe Return To Port requirements. During the sea trial, people from several disciplines in Ulstein such as design, engineering and project management, have worked closely together with the site team and captains of Lindblad Expeditions. In the concluding part of the sea trial, the ship owner crew will have ample time to operate the vessel alone.

Lindblad Expeditions' team on board.
Lindblad Expeditions' team on board. From left, senior vice president newbuilding, Nikos Doulis, with two of the captains, Leif Skog and Aaron Wood.

The ‘National Geographic Endurance’ is Lindblad Expeditions first polar newbuild, and has been designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

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