Meaningful Tourism Award 2022 given to Albatros Expeditions


Albatros Expeditions operates the ULSTEIN CX103 expedition cruise vessel 'Ocean Victory', and will soon also operate the 'Ocean Albatros'. The charterer has now received the 'Meaningful Tourism Award' in the category Environment.

Press release from Albatros Expeditions: "We are proud to announce that the jury of the Meaningful Tourism Award 2022 has chosen Albatros Expeditions as a Gold Award winner in the category "Environment".

The names of the 18 Award winners were revealed during the Meaningful Tourism Panel at the ITB ASIA in Singapore.

The CEO of the Meaningful Tourism Centre, the organiser of the Award, Prof. Dr. Arlt, stated: "We are delighted to see how many stakeholders around the world have started to create new approaches to tourism. Neither to see the customer as king nor concentrate on short-term profit, and also not treating environmental issues as the only concern will create a positive future for the industry. The task is not to 'balance' the different stakeholders' interests but aligning them in a way that benefits and satisfies the interests of all stakeholders. The companies and organisations selected can consider themselves as being among the avant-garde of tomorrow's tourism development."

Rashidah Lim of Albatros Expeditions was a panellist at ITB Singapore and received the award for the company.

This was the first edition of the Meaningful Tourism Award, which will, in the future, be organised annually. CCO of Albatros Expeditions, Greg Carter, noted that the award "Highlighted Albatros's commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our operation, and how proud the team is of this achievement, as a testimony to their dedication over a tough couple of years.."

The Meaningful Tourism Centre is based in Hamburg with several regional representations. It offers training, publications, and workshops for private and public organisations which see the need to move forward to meaningful tourism.

Albatros Expeditions operates expedition cruises in some of the remotest regions of the planet in the cutting-edge MV Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros vessels. Both ships produce less carbon emissions than other vessels in their class, while Albatros is firmly committed to sustainability and the environment."

Introducing the X-BOW design feature in cruise vessels

Ulstein has designed a series of expedition cruise vessels of the CX103 series for ship owner SunStone Ships, and the vessels are chartered out to various ship operators. The series of cruise vessels is the first to implement the X-BOW feature in cruising, a feature which reduces fuel consumption, slamming and vibrations.

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