Is there something like safe travelling these days?


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to regulations that, among other things, also have restricted travelling. In a time where social distancing has become essential, yachting has been a way to continue travelling, safely and responsibly.

For a long period of time, leisure travelling was put on hold all over the world. The airplanes stayed on the ground, and the cruise vessels were idle for months. We have even been urged to minimise time spent outside our homes, and have been requested to keep distance from anyone not in our household or support bubble.

Many places around the world, the society is now returning to - near - normal. We still have restrictions, we still have testing, but it is again possible to roam the world. It is nonetheless wise to continue to keep distance and be sensible.

The yacht is your second home

A yacht is your home away from home. You can bring your nearest ones and go sailing for a day. A weekend. A month or more, if you like.

Yacht portfolio

The Ulstein yachts come in many sizes. Our smallest-sized yacht is 55m long, and our portfolio offers yachts up to 160m in length.

Example of the upper deck lounge on our smallest-sized yacht, the ULSTEIN CX128, designer's choice of interiors.
Example of the upper deck lounge on our smallest-sized yacht, the ULSTEIN CX128, designer's choice of interiors.

Our yacht designs are equipped with guest suites in various sizes and design. We cooperate with various renowned designers who can adjust the interior and exterior designs according to your taste. Infinity pools, toys, hot tubs – there are multiple choices that can add to the experience.

Comfort? – choose an X-BOW yacht

Our signature X-BOW hull line design makes your yacht stand out from anyone else. It has been proven in more than 100 vessels of various types, but was firstly implemented in a yacht, the 'Olivia O', in 2018.

The X-BOW has more to it than just its looks. The bow shape reduces slamming in head seas and the softer motions make our yachts a more comfortable place to explore the ocean. Some people claim the X-BOW reduces their proneness to getting seasick.

Adventurous? – choose an X-BOW explorer yacht

Why do we mention bad weather? Do yacht owners head out in storms?
No, usually not. But weather conditions can change in an instant.

Also, you have the adventurous minds. Those who want to seek out the unspoilt, faraway places such as Antarctica or the Arctic. Who even decide to set out in winter time to observe the Aurora Borealis or Australis. In winter time, however, the weather is prone to change even more frequently.

An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis.
An ULSTEIN CX123 yacht under the Aurora Borealis.

ULSTEIN combines the offshore tough with soft, organic lines.

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