First milestone in the Windea Leibniz project completed



The SOV Windea Leibniz is currently at Ulstein Verft for an upgrade to widen her operational scope in offshore wind. The first milestone has now been completed.

Completion of the installation of the adjustable pedestal on the Windea Leibniz.
Completion of the installation of the adjustable pedestal on the Windea Leibniz.

Installation of adjustable pedestal

On 30 November, the yard installed the adjustable pedestal for the gangway, a lift of approx. 32 tonnes. With this pedestal in place, the vessel will be able to take on assignments on all wind farms in the North Sea, and this is the first major milestone in this project.

Next milestone - the cabins

On 15 December, the gangway was reinstalled, one of several tasks in a complex project like this. The next major milestone will be to finalise a 50 per cent increase in single cabins for charterers. When this milestone is completed, the vessel will have her status changed from an SOV to a CSOV.

“After the upgrade, this will be one of very few vessels with 60 single cabins for charterers, compared to the current 40. This means we can take in more people, enabling the vessel to operate as a Construction-SOV,” says Matthias Müller at Bernhard Schulte Offshore.

X-BOW and X-STERN vessel

Windea Leibniz is X-BOW vessel number 100, and she also comes with the X-STERN, a design feature which Bernhard Schulte Offshore was the first shipowner to opt for. The sea trial film from the first X-STERN real-life test can be watched in the story below.

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