History and facts

The X-BOW® hull line design is one of ULSTEIN's main contributions to marine history. ​The concept was launched in 2005. Today, more than 100 vessels have been built.


Power efficiency:

The bow shape reduces pitch/heave accelerations and speed loss in waves, which renders higher transit speed or reduced power consumption possible. This improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions to air.


The bow shape eliminates slamming and bow impact, thereby reducing noise and vibration. This leads to a more comfortable workplace and more effective rest time for the crew.


The bow shape gives a soft entry in waves, thus reducing spray and icing. The likelihood of extreme weather damage to the forebody is reduced.

The X-BOW® hull line design is patented in Norway (reg. no. 324744), Russia (reg. no. 2374120), Singapore (reg. no. 135279 (WO/2006/096066)), Ukraine (reg. no. 95070), USA (reg. no. 7,658,159), Vietnam (reg. no. 8437), China (reg. no. ZL200680007607) and India (reg. no. 283541). Patent application is pending in pending in Brazil and Europe (EPO).